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Hello, I'm Janice

Are you a creative dreamer looking for the perfect online business? I know how it feels! After graduating with a degree in design, I was in search of ways to make money from my talents. So began my journey through different industries until finally discovering what works best.

Writing and designing are my passions, and blogging seemed like a perfect fit for me. But making money with it wasn't so easy. That's when I discovered PLR: an amazing solution that opened up a world of possibilities for busy moms like me who want to make cash cows online but don't have the time or resources to do everything themselves!

With my help, you can take charge of your financial destiny with your creative talents. I'm here to provide quality products & advice - saving you time & money so that those big ideas become a reality. Let's make this happen together; join me on an adventure towards making your dreams come true!

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You have what it takes to be more than just a starving artist - envision, dream up, then take action on all that you are destined for.

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